• the last dance

    remember our first date !

    you were like her , My Beauty ;
    loving the roses , I was The Beast .

    falling in love with you ,
    forgetting what I am ,
    our love was like my roses :
         so red and beautiful .

    one day this rose became dark
    this day you told me : Stop !
    it sounded like : "Remember ,
           you're a beast ,
           it's not a fairytale ,
           you can't become my princess ,
           our love's impossible !"

    from this , the roses blood
    and can't stop , they're dying .
    the bloody Beast I am
    feed the dying roses with blood , mine ...
    I'm going with them to my death .

    don't you see that my Beauty ?
    remember you were the Beauty of the Beast
    for the last time , dance with me
    becaus it's impossible for us to be ...

              THE BEAUTY
               THE BEAST

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